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What our clients say

Shelly Hoover

Before I hired Cybertek my PC was a mess.  It was so clogged with spyware and other hacker software that it took 5 minutes to startup and would freeze and crash all the time. Cybertek took my PC home, brought it back the next day, and it works wonderfully now. Cybertek even taught me how to use the new system and guided me through a tutoring session to make sure I knew everything I could to prevent the spyware and ad ware from re-infecting my PC.
Ryan Beebe

I contacted Cybertek because of a problem with my computer where spyware would make pop-ups appear and random Windows Installer errors that would all cause my computer to crash while I was playing an online game. I simply couldn’t use my computer or even play something as simple as this game without constant interruption. Cybertek remotely connected to my computer as I live in Michigan, and within a half an hour removed all the spyware, resolved the Windows Installer Issues, made my computer so much faster, all this, at 4 AM!
Debbie Sebolt

Cybertek has become a staple in both our home and business environments. Any time I have a question or problem, it gets answered or solved. Whether they come in person to your house or business or they remotely connect to your computers from their office, Cybertek always gets the job done. I’d recommend Cybertek to anyone from any walk of life for any personal or business computing needs. Cybertek hands-on approach to solving their clients' problems, as well as explaining in plain English what needs to be done and how they are going to do it, makes them my number 1 choice.
Nicole Teter

I hired Cybertek when a rash of viruses were hitting computers all over the world. I was infected with a virus called MSblast. Cybertek came over and fixed my computer and afterwards I contracted them to make a Home Video Slideshow DVD of me and my husband's wedding. You can see samples of the video in their Portfolio. Cybertek has also remotely assisted me for free several times because they wanted to make sure I was updating my firewall and antivirus on a regular basis to avoid a virus like MSblast!
Jann Meadows

I'm retired, living in North Carolina, and I never really got into computers until recently. I wanted to get a new computer and transfer the data from the old one to it. Since I no longer wanted my old PC, I decided to send it to Massillon, Ohio so Cybertek could backup the data while I waited for my new computer to come and when that was done, he could donate the old PC to someone who needed a PC in their area. Cybertek had a new Dell sent to my house, and after I set it up and put in the remote software, Cybertek remotely sent my data back to me and customized my computer, installed updates, applications like Microsoft office, and basically did the works on it, all while restoring my old data and making someone who didn't have a computer before very happy! All this from Massillon, Ohio when I live in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It's just amazing what technology and a new concept company like Cybertek can accomplish in this day and age!
Andy Rueb

I've contracted Cybertek on several occasions. The latest one happened on New Years day, a hacker had gotten past my firewall because I had not renewed my firewall subscription and was chatting to Cybertek on a chat program, saying they were a ghost. Cybertek called me and asked if it was me playing on the chat screen and I said no. I went into the room with the PC and someone was remotely taking over my PC! Cybertek had me shut down the PC and boot back up. They proceeded to fight the hacker for control of my PC. Cybertek won of course, and eliminated the hacker's programs, malicious code, and other damage that the hacker did, and repaired my PC to new-like condition, renewed my firewall, and reinstalled new software over corrupted software from the hacker; fixing all traces he ever was there. Cybertek spent from 8 PM till 2 AM and believe it or not, they worked and did all this for me on NEW YEARS EVE without charging additional fees! I cannot even stress how important it is you have an antivirus and firewall program and that you update them. Just imagining what could have happened to me had Cybertek not been there for me, that hacker could have done Identity Theft, hacking of government computers, or other terrible things that would all be traced back to my home computer, and innocent old me!
Tom Shannon

I'd never contacted anyone before for my computer problems. I had Cybertek work remotely on my computer because it had so much spyware and other junk, and it needed so much work it was beyond me how to fix it all. Cybertek started the remote session at 6 pm and ended around 2 am. They totally fixed my computer by removing spyware, viruses, and old junk files. I think Cybertek remote service is one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of using, They didn't have to come to my house, I didn't have to call off work, and best of all, they worked around MY schedule! I highly recommend Cybertek to anyone with a busy schedule, or for any reason!
Pete McCabe

I hired Cybertek to fix my old PC, and to rewire my stereo equipment. Cybertek did it all in one day, and even fixed our stereo system which was worked on by a technician who could never get it to work correctly. Cybertek is an all around technological wizard. Anything that had to do with electronics; they pretty much have it covered. Cybertek also trained us on how to use the newly fixed computer, and even offered remote and phone support for questions we had about email and file sharing programs.
Denver Cumpston

I had been trying to get my monitor replaced from Dell under my warranty for almost a year. The screen would shake and gave us headaches from straining our eyes, and the computer was so slow and bogged down with viruses and spyware it was almost unusable. Cybertek came out to my house and called Dell for me, and the next day a monitor was at my door. My wife and I have spent almost a year putting up with the shaky screen and the slowness of our PC, and even took the computer to several computer repair places; none of which was able to fix our problems. I called Cybertek and they came out the same day and took my PC back to their office and fixed it. They brought it back the next day better than it ever was before. Any individual or business that needs computer help, call Cybertek!
Billie Peterson

I called Cybertek when I was having problems with everything from viruses and spyware to lockups and crashes with both of my computers since I bought them. After Cybertek came to our house, both computers are like brand new and we can get online and print from both computers through the home network they set up for us. Cybertek has also remote administrated us several times, and not once have they ever failed to solve my problems. I recommend everyone who has any computer needs to contact Cybertek.
Cheryl Adams

I've hired Cybertek Consulting to work for me on several occasions. They come right to your house and fix all of your problems, as well as help you to understand how your problems arose and how to prevent them. If you are too busy to have a service call in person, they can remotely work on your PC anytime you allow them to, 24 hours a day. It’s even cheaper to have them work remotely since it’s such a convenience on both their clients and the Cybertek staff. I am more than satisfied with Cybertek and have recommended them to friends, family, co-workers, and even my boss!
Mike Menges

I first hired Cybertek through a friend who highly recommended them. I was skeptical, thinking that I would be hiring someone from another town who I never met personally, simply by word of mouth. Needless to say, Cybertek came through in ways I didn't know a company could. Not only did they create my website, find a host, and a domain name for me, but also provided me with 24 hour support whenever I needed their help! All updates and changes are done almost immediately after I send a message or give Cybertek a call! Anyone who needs any service can trust Cybertek can get the job done right, for the best price, and will provide you with 24 hour support anytime you need them! Cybertek even remote administrates computers to solve your problems without having to come out for a service call. They can do this anywhere in the world for anyone with an internet connection immediately after you contact them, and best of all, it's half the price of a service call per problem!
Rhea Hayes

I've had Cybertek work for me using remote assistance several times now. They are open 24 hours a day, so it doesn't matter what time I call; I will get timely service.  Cybertek can work on more than just computers; appliances like TVs, stereos, & digital cameras - they can do it all!
Shirley Wadian

I called Cybertek after my computer stopped loading windows.  They came right out and fixed it for me, and even set it up and configured my printer & scanner.  Thank you for fixing my computer & I appreciate you letting me pay on a schedule so I could afford it.  It's working so nicely, I hope it stays that way.  If I ever have any trouble you'll be the place I call & and I think your employee's are very professional in their attitudes, approaches, & cost!  Best wishes to you all!
David Frost

I contacted Cybertek when my PC was having all kinds of errors.  They came out and fixed my problems that day.  I have since had them put in more RAM, a new video card, & several programs and games I purchased and they set it all up for me, made icons and customized my whole PC, hardware & software.  They were always on time, courtious, and understanding.  They even took the time to explain to me in terms I could understand what they were doing, why the bad stuff was happening to me, and how to protect myself in the future.
Chris Butcher

We called Cybertek because our computer was so full of spyware that nothing we did fixed it.  It was so terrible at times I could hear my son screaming at the machine because no matter what he did, pop ups and programs would open and screw everything up.  We called Cybertek out of the Yellow Pages, and they came out, took our PC back to their office, and in 1 day, fixed everything we had wrong, and brought it back better than it ever was before.  We have also used their remote PC assistance service, and had them tutor us on how to use some of our programs.  Anytime we have a computer problem, Cybertek is who we are calling!
Ruth-Anne Plas

I hired Cybertek because my Son in Law sent me a bare bones computer, without any software installed on it.  I didn't know what to do, but after I called Cybertek, they brought it back with it up and running and with everything i needed installed, configured, updated, and secured.  They were even able to backup my data from my old PC that was hit by lightning, and restore it onto my new pc with no data loss! They also went out and bought me a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, & a power strip, and set all these things up for me. Cybertek totally took care of all of my problems overnight!
Tina Pritchett

I contacted Cybertek after I could no longer view any websites that I tried to connect to.  Cybertek removed all the of spyware, browser hijackers, and other terrible malware that is going around these days.  You thought you were protected with antivirus software, but your not, because spyware and malware and browser hijackers are everywhere, and so easy to install by accident.  It's a good thing Cybertek's  around, or I'd be out of business!
Julie Tolby

I hired Cybertek Consulting after I was referred to them by Cathy, who has had nothing but good to say about their work.  We needed to have our computers swapped out with newer, faster ones.  Cybertek came in, backed up all of our data in Peachtree, as well as our forms, letters, & personal data.  Cybertek ordered us 2 new Dell's, re-setup our network, our printers, reinstalled the software and backups, and completely integrated everything together, all in a day.  Cybertek gets the job done right, and even offers remote tech support when we need it.
Nick Chemorov

Cybertek is a reliable company, they always do whatever is in your best interest, even if that means working remotely at night. I had a problem with my computer and the Cybertek associate Scott, spent hours remotely on my computer making sure it was fixed and that the problem would never occur again. Scott is very personable and reliable.  Almost any computer problem can be solved with their remote service, and it's half their normal price!
Cathy Hughes

I called Cybertek first about my home computer.  They came out and fixed hundreds of problems with spyware, adware, and hardware conflicts.  Since then, I have had them come out to my other business's & even my Mother in Law's house.  We continue to support Cybertek , because Cybertek continues to support us, in every way, at any time 24 hours a day, and for a great price.  No matter what kind of problems we run into, Cybertek can fix them!
Edward Hogan

I hired Cybertek after my printer failed to work anymore.  Cybertek came out and took it apart and fixed it.  In under and hour, I was printing all my forms like I needed to again!
Donna Duke

I got in touch with Cybertek after my computer started slowing down and had tons of pop-ups.  I thought that it was a normal part of life being on the internet and all, but Cybertek showed me I had viruses and spyware.  I never knew you needed a virus scan and a firewall, never knew what those were before I hired Cybertek .  Now I'm informed and I am protected and if I have questions or problems, Cybertek is only a phone call or IM away!
Tim Alter

I hired Cybertek by word of mouth to redo our computer & to help our daughter with her new laptop before she went to college.  Cybertek backed up our data, reformatted our PC, and made everything better & more organized.  They also trained us, and setup my daughters new PC and helped her to connect to her campus network!
Francis McCall

Cybertek was my answer to all of my computer problems.  After the first visit I knew I had a company I could depend on.  Every problem I had was fixed as soon as I showed them what was going on with my PC.  Less than 1 hour, and all my problems vanished, Poof!
Erin Biasella

I contacted Cybertek after having constant problems with my printer.  I had no idea what spyware was and they informed me as they removed the offending software.  Spyware basically ruined my whole computer.  Cybertek was able to remove the spyware & setup programs to prevent things like this from happening again!
Trisha Lechner

I contacted Cybertek on a Sunday morning since I work all the time during the week.  They came out and fixed our problems the same day, and I was able to continue my work.  I work for, and it is VERY important that my computer always work and have an active internet connection at all times.  Cybertek also remote Administrated our system several times after to make sure the spyware was gone and that all of our questions were answered.
Mike Murdock

I knew about Cybertek from a relative of mine, and when my computer got so messed up with spyware that we had to install net scape to use the internet, and even with that it was still having so many pop ups and slow downs and other issues that I knew it was time to get ahold of them.  Cybertek totally redid my PC for me and made it better than when I had first got it.  Cybertek brought it back the next day and set it back up, and now it's running better than ever!
Donna Breen

Cybertek came out to my home after I began having all kinds of issues with my PC, from internet connection problems to spyware and pop-ups.  After Cybertek came out, all the bad things stopped happening and my computer is working great.  They have very professional representatives who are courteous too I might add!
Shawn Broom

I met Scott from Cybertek through a fellow employee who had a friend who they did some work for.  I had them come out to the house to check out our computer.  They were able to find viruses, spyware, and other various problems, and advised us that it was better for us to buy a new computer than to have them re-fix all of the problems.  They removed the spyware and viruses, and made the computer much better for us.  They also backed up our data for us so when we get a new computer we could easily transfer our files.  Word of mouth says a lot!
Susan Indorf

I had Cybertek come out to my house after learning of them from a friend of mine who I work with.  Cybertek came out and installed our wireless network, and connected 3 other pc's to it, and removed spyware, viruses, and put in antivirus programs, anti spyware programs, and updates that we didn't know about.  All three computers work great on the system now, and Cybertek has even helped us with problems we have by using the remote administrator program that they have.  1 call or email and they can connect to you and fix your problems!
Paul Biel

I bought a new Dell, and needed the data & programs from my old one transferred to my new one, as well as wireless problems with my pc and my wife's Macintosh.  Cybertek doesn't work on Mac's but they were able to make sure it got online and could burn cd's.  Cybertek made everything so painless and easy for me and my wife, even using Remote Assistance to send me files I needed from their office.  Cybertek did all this for me in 1 day, and finished the job after hours by remote!  It's not often in life you come across a person or company of this kind of value, and we are both very lucky to have found Cybertek!
Jeannine Moss

I called Cybertek after seeing their ad because my computer was having the strangest error messages and I couldn't stay online.  Cybertek determined that something had corrupted my windows, and it needed to be formatted and reinstalled from scratch.  I was worried because I had a lot of personal data on there, but Cybertek backed it all up, formatted it, and reinstalled windows for me, as well as updated it and secured it from viruses and hackers, and spyware.  Now I am back in business, online, and best of all I have no error messages!
William Dryden

My dad first found Cybertek when we were having problems staying online.  After the first visit they had resolved the problems we had been having.  Since then we've had them fix our computer by remote whenever our son manages to cause the PC a problem.  No situation is ever unfixable as long as your using Cybertek.
Mike DiStefano

We have two computers here at the office that were never properly configured, or networked right for that matter.  After hiring Cybertek, they developed workarounds for the issues we've developed due to several different problems.  We even use old programs from the 90's across the network, and Cybertek's made it possible for that to happen.  Every problem that's ever raised, I've made one call and it's been fixed!
Deane Lawrence

I've suffered through throat cancer, and I am bound to my oxygen tanks and tubes for the duration of my life now.  In this condition it makes it nearly impossible to speak due to the apparatus in my throat.  I was able to hire Cybertek through his remote assistance program, and to speak with him intelligibly with a chat program and communicated in such a way that would of otherwise proven impossible if I had tried by phone.  Cybertek remoted me after I downloaded their program and installed it.  From there, they fixed all of my issues and never stepped a foot in my house.  Best of all I didn't have to venture out to Best Buy or something similar with my portable oxygen tank.  Their service is wonderful, and from the chatting with them, they are very personable.
Ralph Redmond

I met Scott in North Carolina while he was visiting his parents.  He told me about what he did and how he had his own business doing it, so I asked him for his help in my matters.  He's fixed every problem possible, even though I have windows ME which is the worst operating system you can have.  Cybertek has even remoted me from where they are located in Ohio, and fixed problems or taught me how to do things by using that remote software and talking to me with a microphone or a telephone.
Mark Bowen

I had Cybertek come out and help me out when I just couldn't get anything to work on my PC.  Scott actually made things work for me again.  I have had them work for me by remote after I moved to another place and got online with a different provider.  I will never have to worry now because no matter where I go in the world I will always know who to call to fix my computer problems!
Jodine Brendle

My husband has Cybertek do computer work at our restaurant all the time.  I already know how good they are from him, so I called about our home computer.  It simply wouldn't turn back on anymore.  Cybertek determined the unit was irreparable so we decided to order a new DELL.  After custom configuring it for us and having it sent to their office, they prepare it (remove software that's unnecessary and put in freeware programs that enhanced the way you use the PC for things like video, images and sound) and then deliver and set it up at your house.  We now how wireless networking that my daughter uses to connect anywhere in the house and our new DELL is awesome.  Even our old data from our broken PC was recovered and put onto the new computer as well!  Cybertek always knows how to to fix the problem, how to make things work better that before.
Rose Elmond

I hired Scott when I met him through a friend of mine.  He happened to come over just as I was having a problem with my computer.  Since then I found out just how good he and his company were in what they do!  I've had him do a lot of work for me, even working with home DVD-R recorders to tape TV with.  I can't even begin to say how lucky I was he happened to walk into my house at that time!
Karlene Harter

I hired Scott from Cybertek because I was always asking my neighbor for help and with her busy schedule and the fact I was becoming a thorn in her side I knew I had to find someone who could be at my call whenever I needed a hand.  After seeing the ad in the paper and then looking on their website I knew I had found a competent company for my needs.  I called and setup an appointment and I met Scott, who's since taken care of me.  I am protected from spyware, and have all the updates installed.  No longer do I need to bother my neighbor with my burdens, and I can afford to have someone knowledgeable to work for me!
Debbie Whitmer

I have used Cybertek ever since my step-daughter told me about them.  They've setup and fixed my computer every time I've had a problem or moved to a new place.  No matter what my situations were they were able to recover my computer to a working condition exceeding my expectations.
Shawn Strickmaker

I bought a used computer from a friend and although it was in decent shape it simply wouldn't get online with AOL.  I had known of Cybertek from a friend and contacted them directly.  Cybertek formatted the PC & put in a new modem and some additional RAM, and now this thing is wonderful.  Scott put icons for everything I could ever need on the screen as well and now the PC is so well organized and works so much faster and better it's hard to believe this is the same machine I bought from my friend.
Vera Sponseller

We had just moved into a new house and now we have two computers.  We needed some help because the older of the two was really slow and acting up, with a lot of icons near the clock on the right and random pop-ups I knew something was wrong.  I sent an email to a company called Cybertek and it's turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.  They came out and fixed all of the problems, as spyware and other misc unneeded programs were taking over my computer!  They also updated it
Valerie Langmead

As a grandmother who's brother was in the computer field, I know a thing or two about computers myself.  However, I ran into a problem that I just could not solve.  I needed someone to help me past where I was stuck as my computer would no longer show me my CD-ROM's.  I called Cybertek and had a consultation and they were able to remedy the problem.  They did tell me it would never be the same after a spyware attack like that I think they called it malware and suggested to have it formatted.  Spyware is so bad now it's disabling CD-ROM's?  Due to my experience in the PC field, I think it's absolutely amazing they were able to recover the computer well enough for me to use again!
Mary Fuchs

My computer may be old but it does what I need it for.  That's why instead of paying for a new one I wanted to get this one fixed.  I heard about companies that send out computer repairmen and that's when I found Cybertek. I decided to have a consultant come out and take a look at the problems I was having.  I met Scott shortly thereafter.  I showed him my problems and he fixed them as I showed him.  He fixed other various problems I had that I didn't even know about.  He even went online using an old modem to download updates for my old computers Windows 98 software.
Dave DeFrank

I have an old windows 98 computer and with so many irritating problems I couldn't go on without getting it fixed.  I wanted someone to fix my computer and setup a scanner I had bought but was scared to try to setup.  After Cybertek came out for a service call, every irritation was eradicated.  They also hooked up my scanner and taught me how to scan and edit pictures for only a small fee.  Now I can do family albums, and I no longer have a PC I want to throw out of my bedroom window anymore!
Paul Crawford

I met Scott from a mutual friend of mine who has him work for him all the time when he has problems. My friend gave me his old computer, and after getting online with a cable modem I now am able to do all kinds of things with this PC.  It's somewhat new to me as this is the first PC that I have owned, and Cybertek showed me how to use my email and search websites and many other things.  I would of been lost without them!
Olga Deramo

I've never taken any classes on how to fix a computer, and I never had anyone to teach me.  I do however buy books on how to do things with the computer.  I mostly use them to chat with my family and send email.  I was having problems with everything from my sound to my printer.  I needed help badly, and I didn't know of anyone or any company who could help.  That's when I found Cybertek Consulting website on the internet.  I called and after their first visit my computer was better then it has ever been before in my life.  He also put in downloaded free software for viewing photo's and watching video's & listening to music.  Now I use my computer much more than before, and I know how to do things I never even knew were possible!
Mike & Janet Mcguire

After both of our computers started to act strange, we wanted it to stop and to know why it was happening.  I saw on the website that a friend of mine from high school had hired them and had nothing but compliments to say about them.  From seeing his compliments I was inclined to call Cybertek .  So after setting up an appointment with them they came out to our house and fixed both machines, updated them, put on antivirus, & firewalls, as well as remote software to help us in the future.  Never have they not been able us no matter what time it was, regardless of the problem, by remote.  We've had them recover data from an old Tandy!
Kevin Busch

After spending 6 hours over 2 different days on the phone with AOL tech support, I had almost lost my mind.   I knew I had to find someone to help me on a personal level, who was professional, and most importantly someone who I could Trust.  Within the first 10 minutes, I knew I had found the right company.  Over the phone, in person, and by remote assistance, Cybertek has helped me fix everything that I've ever encountered.
Deanna Ebie-Fertig

One of my friends told me about a company that came out to your house and fix any computer situation that you are having.  I had Cybertek come out to my home and repair my home machine.  It was slow, and we could not dial up anymore with our modem on NetZero.  When Cybertek brought my PC back, it was working so good I couldn't believe it was the same computer.  Cybertek even put in some games for my kids, and they love them!
Carmella Steckel

I hired Cybertek after my son told me how they have gone so much above and beyond other service companies.  Well, I am writing this testimonial to say it's all true.  Spyware was ruining our AOL program, and we could not get online for very long if at all.  We spent a long time fighting with it, and calling DELL & AOL support lines and no one could help, not to mention you can't even understand them.  I got Cybertek's number from my son and needless to say, ALL problems were fixed.  They even showed us how this stuff can happen, how to avoid it and programs I could use to try to fix my future problems.  Anytime I have a problem, I know who to call.
Patrica Kress

My grandson works with computers and he used to help me with mine, but now he lives a few states away.  Since I needed someone like him I was checking into a company who could come to my home and help me with my computer instead of having to take it apart and take it somewhere.  Cybertek was my answer!  I initially had them come out and replace a monitor and repair my old PC, and also to setup a new DELL I had ordered.  I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of hiring them every time I have a problem!  All I have to do is call and they can pop on my screen and if it's something they can fix, it's all fixed right then.
Ron Wadian

I met Scott from Cybertek after my mom told me about how he helped her out with her computer.  I called Cybertek and had them come out to fix the computer, and also to get me a new one as well.  They ordered a new DELL computer for us that they customized for us, came out set it up and took care of everything we needed from A to Z.
Kay Robertson

I saw Cybertek's ad in the newspaper and since my daughter's computer had been having problems with the video card I called.  Cybertek came out and within ten minutes they had fixed the problem.  They also found spyware & viruses, and they eradicated them, and after leaving used their remote program to make sure all of the problems were resolved and all our questions answered.
Vicki Ferrero

I was referred to Cybertek by a close friend of mine because I was having a lot of problems with my home computer.  I had them come out and within an hour I had the satisfaction of the total resolution of my problems.  Cybertek even showed me how to remove the spyware that had been plaguing me for all this time.
Barb Coburn

I contracted Cybertek after my son told me about them.  He hires them all the time to do his business and personal needs.  It's amazing how quick and effective they were in fixing my computer.  Several times after that I have hired them to teach me how to do things using their remote assistance program. Sometimes they remote my PC as a courtesy to see if the question the computer was asking me was something to be worried about or if I could just click cancel and what not.
Bud Murphy, Carpenter

I had an old computer with windows 98 on it, but it wasn't able to boot up to windows anymore I wanted to get it fixed and upgraded to be better than it was.  I contacted Cybertek and on their first consultation they told me it needed a lot of work and it wasn't worth my money, but they would be able to get it to boot again.  I appreciated the honesty, and Cybertek did get it back up and running good enough for me to use for what I need it for!
Richard Zeck

I hired Cybertek after spending hours on AOL's tech support line.  Cybertek came out and got me off that awful service and I had a cable modem put in.  Cybertek also removed a lot of spyware that was effecting my connection as well.  Since the cable modem was put in, I've been zooming all over the internet now with no busy signals & no connection problems anymore!  Thanks for your help!
Angie Shiyou

I can only say good things about Cybertek. The last company we were going through messed my computer up so bad due to incompetence. I have since had a wonderful consultant from Cybertek who came in one time and fixed my computer and now it works properly. I finally have my internet pages refreshing automatically and anytime I need help he is available to assist.
Leonard Seaman

My problems first arose when I lost my connection to the internet.  After spending many hours on hold and with a tech support guy from the cable company & after I had spent hours trying myself, I called Cybertek.  They came out and fixed my problem in a few minutes, and I was back in action in a fraction of the time I spent trying with tech support on the phone!
Lou DeWein

Cybertek was the first computer consultant I’ve used and he worked wonders for me in a relatively short period of time.  He promptly arrived at my home at the agreed upon time and immediately began a diagnosis of my ailing laptop.  Apparently a complex virus was responsible for the strange antics I’d been experiencing.  When it became apparent that it would be best to remove all programs and reformat, he was very specific and clear about the process and the estimated cost.  He took my laptop with him and to my surprise returned it the very next day.  In addition he chatted with me as to my normal use of the laptop and then streamlined my programs to make operation easy and accessible.  He suggested that we arrange any future problem solving to be done by remote, which saves me the cost of a house call.  It appeared very important to him that I was pleased with his work, and indeed I was!  I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise.
Tim Brendle

I met Scott from Cybertek at my restaurant one evening while he was dining.  After introducing himself as a computer consultant, I just happened to have a problem with our restaurant's DSL connection.  Scott fixed it on the spot, within minutes.  Since then, I have hired Cybertek for everything from virus problems to fixing my home PC.  I've also hired Cybertek to set up wireless networking at my home so that my daughter can access the internet from her laptop anywhere in the house, and we are able to go online with our family PC.
Rob Coburn

I met Scott from Cybertek one day when he came in to buy some flowers from my store. As soon as he said he was a computer consultant,  I hired him on the spot.  Since then, every computer, printer, internet, or website problem, or anything relating to computers that has gone wrong, he's made go right!  I have had Cybertek back many times since, and over and over again their service has proven to be our backbone when it comes to solving our technological problems!  I'd recommend Cybertek to any home or business, large or small.
Keith Cantrell

I know a lot about computers myself, both because of my own personal interest and due to my digital photography business - computers are just a part of the trade.  I've known Scott most of my life, and whenever there's been a computer problem that I can't handle, he's been the one I came to looking for the answer.
Debbie Sebolt

We've hired Cybertek for many different jobs in our various businesses, and when we started the petting zoo, We hired Cybertek to setup our office here at the farm.  Cybertek setup our wireless network to use 3 computers and wireless printing, as well as file sharing & other misc. needs.  As always, Cybertek got the job done for us!
Kevin Mclaughlin

I originally hired Cybertek to construct an E- Commerce site for me.  Once they made the first site, I just had to have a second made. I also had Cybertek , by remote, buy a new Dell, which was shipped to my house.  The same day it arrived a consultant from Cybertek was at my door setting it up and transferring my old data and settings from my other PC to my new Dell.
Mike Sand

I was introduced to Cybertek by my secretary one day as I was having problems with my computer.  Since then I contracted them to repair my home PC.  Cybertek backed up all my personal data, took the computer to their office, and totally redid it.  They brought it back the next day, set it up, and taught me how to use Windows XP.  I also used them for Remote PC Assistance when I had questions and they could actually see my screen and show me on it how to do whatever I need done, or fix any problems I had.  I highly recommend Cybertek !
Joe Sebolt

Before contacting Cybertek we were using 1 PC to connect to the internet and use E-mail.  Since everyone in the office needed to use E-mail and the internet to do patent searches, it has become a major concern.  Cybertek has basically taken over our IT department.  Cybertek networked all 14 of our computers and set up every PC in the office with E-mail, network sharing, and printing, as well as antivirus and firewall protection.  Cybertek ended their services by training our employees to use the new system both in a classroom and a one on one setting, providing printed step-by-step documentation on how to use our new network and software.  Cybertek is a full service, 24 hour computer consultant, even working for us at night so as not to interrupt our daily routine.  Also, by using the internet and our network, Cybertek can connect remotely to any of our computers and fix problems or help our personnel as if they were sitting right there in front of the computer.
Lawrence E. Chapanar

I developed a frustratingly stubborn problem with my computer.  I spent hours on hold listening to elevator music waiting for tech support (worthless!).  Didn't know anyone locally, so I took a chance and contacted Cybertek via the yellow pages.  I was impressed with their willingness to assist and vast knowledge. I took another chance and set home appointment for later same day and was even more impressed.  Scott, a consultant, was not only competent, but personable.  Don't know how anyone could be more knowledgeable and helpful. He exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.  Wouldn't make a computer repair or upgrade without him.  Questions? Reach me at:"
Gary Weigal

Cybertek has worked for me several times over the years, and I just now got around to typing this for their website.  They have relocated to North Carolina, but continue to be my service and support team for all my needs here in Wellington, Ohio.  I use satellite internet which is very slow but in my area it's the only choice if you want internet.  Cybertek was helping me with an email issue which turned out that the ISP I use was at fault, but while trying to fix that for me, they found various other issues, updated my computer, and put in a new virus scan since the one I used before had mysteriously vanished.  I would recommend them to anyone, as I have used them for the last 5 years at least, and never have they not been able to satisfy my needs in any way, shape, or form.
Jon Riddle

After my old printer died on me, I went out and bought a brand new HP printer.  After spending my entire day - 8AM to 6PM with HP Tech Support and the Geek Squad trying to fix it and the Geeks wanting 300 + dollars to come out and fix it, my wife saw Cybertek's ad and I immediately contacted them.  They came out at 8 PM, and fixed everything I needed.  Updated both computers, setup wireless security, wireless printing
JC Norman

Where to start?  Cybertek not only fixed my computer, they helped me label and organize my entire musical collection to the point I know where everything is and how to make it work so much better than ever before.  They updated my computer, trained me on many different aspects of computing, used a file sharing program to share my own songs that I myself recorded of me singing for the world to download and hear, as well as improved my own knowledge of computers!
Bob Sarber

As a long time member of Netflix, I found the new Roku device they offered to watch digital movies on your TV without the use of a computer to be quite compelling.  I hired Cybertek to install and setup the device for me, and they did a phenomenal job.  They also informed me I had no wireless security and anyone could access my system from outside the house.  After setting up wireless security and the new Roku device, I was watching streaming online videos in as little as 30 seconds after the device was configured.  Now all I have to do is connect with my PC and add movies to my list, and press one button and in 30 seconds I'm watching any movie they offer online in my living room, wirelessly as if I just popped a DVD in my player!
Tom Harmicar

I contracted Cybertek after my computer became so infected with a virus/spyware that it was unusable.  It actually made it so you couldn't open windows explorer at all, and I couldn't backup my files, or do a system restore, or anything that could of helped remedy the situation.  Cybertek came out and took my computer back to their office, backed up all of my data as well as my wife's, formatted and re-installed Windows, did all my updates, re-installed all of my Office and Quicken programs and restored all my favorites, my financial data, my personal documents, and my emails, all this was done overnight and they had it back and working better than ever the next morning.  They setup my printer and additional programs and anti-virus/anti-spyware software to help prevent this same type of malware attack from happening again.  I can't thank them enough for saving my computer for me!
Jack Finnerty

Cybertek originally came out to the house to try to fix a broken printer that we had used for some time and really liked.  It turned out the printer was too damaged to fix without ordering special parts for it and we decided against waiting for the parts to come in, and went out and bought a new printer.  After putting it in ourselves, it stopped working shortly thereafter and both my son and I tried to fix the problem, but to no avail.  Cybertek came back out, and within 10 minutes had my network secured and my printer working, and my laptop connected to the router with internet access and  everything working properly!
Gary Tanner

I hired Cybertek when my desktop computer crashed and my hard drive completely died.  Cybertek put in a new hard drive, re-installed Windows XP - updated it and re-installed all my software and printers, as well as setup wireless security, and fixed up my wife's laptop, all this work they did overnight!  We later hired them again to do all our business computers where my wife works, and setup wireless security as well as fix up the PC's themselves and they were able to completely take care of every problem we had!
Skip Hegel

I contacted Cybertek because my wife's laptop would intermittently disconnect from the internet.  Her wireless card seemed to be acting up and I thought maybe a virus had gotten into her system.  Cybertek came out and fixed the situation, setup wireless security on our router and laptop, setup remote administration and removed spyware for her.  Cybertek also was able to replace the hard drive in an old laptop for me, and reinstall Windows and get me up in running for way cheaper than buying a new laptop.
Frank & Anita Brewer

We called Cybertek because our computer was  They also transferred all the files from our old Win98 laptop that's ten years old at least, finding pictures and documents that we didn't even know we had!  Without them, they would of been forgotten, or lost forever, but they were able to save everything for us.  It was like Christmas to see the old pictures of our grandkids we hadn't seen in years!  A few days later I had a problem with the printer, and Cybertek remote administrated my system, and fixed the problem in 5 minutes flat!
Jim Hampton

I hired Cybertek after we had gotten back from vacation and disabled our automatic email that we set up to let people know when they sent us a message that we would be out of town for a few weeks.  Our computer was sending blank emails to everyone who would send us a message, even though we disabled that feature in our webmail through Time Warner Cable.  Cybertek came out and fixed up our computer, made it faster, updated it with Windows Update, and took care of a lot of issues we didn't even know we had.  Eventually they found out it was a setting in my Outlook program that we started to setup but didn't finish it (a Rule) and once it was taken out, all of the blank emails stopped!  It's so nice now to not have annoyed friends sending me email about how many blank emails they get from me a day
Dan & Barbra Vincenti

Scott,  Thanks for all your help in getting our little systems back into the Modern Era from the Electronic Stone Age in which we were mired. Our computers are working very well now!  We’ll recommend to others that they call you first!