Forensic Data Recovery

Cybertek can help if you have a hard drive failure, tape drive, CD or DVD Disk that is unreadable, or any other type of data loss we can usually recover this data for you. 

Surveillance Systems

Cybertek has experience with all kinds of surveillance systems and cabling.  We can setup entirely new systems or work on a currently installed system to add cameras or recording devices for new types of media.  We can run coax cables or repair cut or broken cables as well as deal with attenuation issues.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Cybertek offers complete diagnostic, repair, and upgrade services for all of our clients computers.  We usually have a 1 day turn-around on a clients computer, and most of the time our work can be done at your home, or  returned within a few hours time if we bring your equipment back to our office to work on it.

Router Wireless Security & Firewall Installation

Cybertek uses google remote desktop which enables us to remotely work for you anywhere in the world!  You install the software, Click Remote Support and under Share This Screen you need to click on Generate Code - give us the code and we can remote in like we are sitting at the computer with you!  Any problem you have that can be solved inside of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, can be solved using this technology!

CD-DVD Duplication

Cybertek can create custom data or audio CD's fit to our customers needs.  We can backup your Personal or Company data to CD or DVD as well as copy your audio CD's or make audio compilation CD's with your choice of music on them.  We can also send you backup CD's of any website that we have created for you.

Audio Editing

Cybertek can edit your audio files to make cuts and separate tracks, clean up hiss and pops, and amplify low volume and many other options depending on what the audio file needs to be heard in the best quality.

Physical/Cloud & Scheduled Data Backup & Restore

Cybertek can setup physical data backup systems such as External Hard Drives or Servers that run backup tasks with OneDrive, Acronis, Symantec, Etc. Or Cloud Based applications such as Carbonite. Prevent the loss of your data by ensuring it can never be destroyed.

Email & Collaboration Software Configuration

Cybertek can setup Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, etc. for the ultimate in collaboration for employee's at a company or business to be able to work effectively together regardless if they are in the office or at home.

Video Editing

Cybertek can use Video Editing Tools to edit your existing video files, or VHS tapes that we have converted into video files for you, and edit them into clips or remove unwanted parts or segments to ensure optimal viewing quality and enjoyment.

VHS to DVD Conversions

Cybertek can take your VHS Tapes and convert them into a DVD, or into video files that you can then upload to a site like Youtube, Facebook, Etc. All we need is your VHS tape and we can ensure you never lose the memories on it.

Printer/Scanner Install & Networking

Cybertek can setup your Printers/Scanners that use USB cables or that have wireless enabled printing, to be able to print across a network or wirelessly from a Desktop, Laptop, or a Cell Phone, or to scan an image to any of these types of devices.

Cybersecurity – Prevention & Encryption

Cybertek offers a full cybersecurity evaluation of your current system and network, fixes your security issues, and teaches you why, how and what the newest threats are and how to do your best to prevent issues like these with Antivirus, and Firewall software & hardware.

Wired & Wireless Network Installs & Support

Cybertek can help you with your wired or wireless or mixed network issues. We can either set it up from the start, or fix an existing setup, add to it, make it wireless if it is only wired, and ensure that each wireless access point is securely password protected and working.

Tech Support (Phone, Email, & Remote Assistance)

Cybertek offers in person tech support, but we also offer remote services, which in most cases we can do just as efficently as if we were there at your home of office in person. Unless it is a hard drive issue, or the computer won't turn on, or won't get online, we can do the same work we would in person by remote. It costs you less, and saves time and scheduling issues, and we can get to you almost as fast as when you Call or E-Mail us!

Digital Video Uploading to Social Media

Cybertek can take your digital videos, edit, author, convert, and upload them to a site of your choice, Youtube, Facebook, Etc...... so you have the best quality and lowest file size so everything is optimized for you viewers.

Software Installation & Configuration

Cybertek can install your software package & configure and test it for you to ensure it all works correctly for you so you don't have to worry about anything other than using the software!

Internet Connectivity Issues

Cybertek can diagnose what the issues are if you are having internet connection troubles, and get you back online and back to work or play.

Web Design

Cybertek can create for you a custom website of your dreams. Simply tell us what you want us to create for you, and we will create your perfect website for your business or personal use.

Malware Removal

Cybertek can remove malware (Spyware & Viruses) any kind of malicious code or viral infection from your computer including randsomware. It is always best practice to have a backup system as in the case of randsomware the data it has access to is corrupted permanently unless you pay the randsome, and most of the time, they do not give you the code to fix it even if you do. But we can still help get your PC back to good, and if we can setup a backup system for you to prevent the worst from happening before it does!

Cell Photo Photo & Data Recovery

Cybertek can recover your cell phone's photo's and data in case you break your phone. In most cases even if the screen isn't functional or if you can no longer touch the screen to click on things, because of a broken screen. Both Android and Iphone recovery is possible, and if you have your data backed up into the cloud or on an Micro SD Card in the phone, it's even easier!

New PC Setups & Data Transfer (Old to New)

Cybertek can transfer your old data to your new computer, both files and programs. If you bought a new machine and you need help getting all your stuff over to it and all your custom settings, icons, etc. We can help!

Computer Training

Cybertek can train you on the usage of your computer, maintenance, antivirus, firewall, or common programs and applications such as the Office Suite - Word, Excel, Outlook, etc... Whatever you need to learn how to use or how to fix a computer etc. We can help!

Password Recovery

Cybertek can recover passwords for your windows login, or on password protected files, such as Word - .Doc .Docx Excel - .xls .xlsx and many other types of files that offer password protection features. If you are have forgotten the password to a crucial file, We can help!

Network Topology Design

Cybertek can design or redesign your network topology to be faster, and more efficient as well as make it wirelessly enabled if it isn't already. Check out what we offer!