Andy Rueb

I’ve contracted Cybertek on several occasions. The latest one happened on New Years day, a hacker had gotten past my firewall because I had not renewed my firewall subscription and was chatting to Cybertek on a chat program, saying they were a ghost. Cybertek called me and asked if it was me playing on the chat screen and I said no. I went into the room with the PC and someone was remotely taking over my PC! Cybertek had me shut down the PC and boot back up. They proceeded to fight the hacker for control of my PC. Cybertek won of course, and eliminated the hacker’s programs, malicious code, and other damage that the hacker did, and repaired my PC to new-like condition, renewed my firewall, and reinstalled new software over corrupted software from the hacker; fixing all traces he ever was there. Cybertek spent from 8 PM till 2 AM and believe it or not, they worked and did all this for me on NEW YEARS EVE without charging additional fees! I cannot even stress how important it is you have an antivirus and firewall program and that you update them. Just imagining what could have happened to me had Cybertek not been there for me, that hacker could have done Identity Theft, hacking of government computers, or other terrible things that would all be traced back to my home computer, and innocent old me!