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I’m retired, living in North Carolina, and I never really got into computers until recently. I wanted to get a new computer and transfer the data from the old one to it. Since I no longer wanted my old PC, I decided to send it to Massillon, Ohio so Cybertek could backup the data while I waited for my new computer to come and when that was done, he could donate the old PC to someone who needed a PC in their area. Cybertek had a new Dell sent to my house, and after I set it up and put in the remote software, Cybertek remotely sent my data back to me and customized my computer, installed updates, applications like Microsoft office, and basically did the works on it, all while restoring my old data and making someone who didn’t have a computer before very happy! All this from Massillon, Ohio when I live in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It’s just amazing what technology and a new concept company like Cybertek can accomplish in this day and age!