Lou DeWein

Cybertek was the first computer consultant I’ve used and he worked wonders for me in a relatively short period of time.  He promptly arrived at my home at the agreed upon time and immediately began a diagnosis of my ailing laptop.  Apparently a complex virus was responsible for the strange antics I’d been experiencing.  When it became apparent that it would be best to remove all programs and reformat, he was very specific and clear about the process and the estimated cost.  He took my laptop with him and to my surprise returned it the very next day.  In addition he chatted with me as to my normal use of the laptop and then streamlined my programs to make operation easy and accessible.  He suggested that we arrange any future problem solving to be done by remote, which saves me the cost of a house call.  It appeared very important to him that I was pleased with his work, and indeed I was!  I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise.