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I contracted Cybertek after my computer became so infected with a virus/spyware that it was unusable.  It actually made it so you couldn’t open windows explorer at all, and I couldn’t backup my files, or do a system restore, or anything that could of helped remedy the situation.  Cybertek came out and took my computer back to their office, backed up all of my data as well as my wife’s, formatted and re-installed Windows, did all my updates, re-installed all of my Office and Quicken programs and restored all my favorites, my financial data, my personal documents, and my emails, all this was done overnight and they had it back and working better than ever the next morning.  They setup my printer and additional programs and anti-virus/anti-spyware software to help prevent this same type of malware attack from happening again.  I can’t thank them enough for saving my computer for me!